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Bloom Fresh

Katzman has recently launched our private label, "Bloom Fresh".  Bloom Fresh fruits and vegetables are aimed at taking the mystery out of produce by providing the consumer with information about where their produce comes from through our website www.bloomfreshproduce.com.  Instead of large multinational companies, Bloom Fresh brings you fruit and vegetables direct from the farm.  In the coming weeks, we will be launching the full Bloom Fresh website, with information about the farms and farmers who produce the fruits and vegetables of Bloom Fresh.  We establish long term relationships with our growers, providing the stability they require to have sustainable, independent farming businesses.

Our first products include French Beans, Snow Peas, Sugar Snaps, and baby squashes grown outside the town of Antigua, Guatemala by Antonio Maldonado.  Antonio has been farming his land for over 20 years.  Today, his son, Antonio Jr. farms with him, taking more and more of the day to day responsibility.  At Bloom Fresh, we're proud to support the small farmers of the Guatemalan highlands with a weekly commitment to get fair returns for their handpicked vegetables in the US market.

We have also launched a line of Pomegranate Arils which are grown, harvested and then removed from the peel to make them easy to eat.  We don't add any additives or preservatives.  It's 100%, natural, pomegranate fruit, in convenient, ready to eat containers.  Our growers and packhouse are located in the state of Andhara Paradesh, India, where our group of small growers carefully select the fruit at the optimal ripeness.  The farms in Andhara Paradesh are audited to strict farming standards by Globalgap, recognized around the world in food safety and social responsibility standards.

Please check back with us at this site, to learn more about our growers and new products that we continue to add each month.

"Bloom Fresh:  Produce you can feel good about!"