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Message from Stephen Katzman

"Here at S. Katzman Produce, we're passionate about fruits and vegetables. My passion for the business grew from watching and learning from my father's love for the business. 24 hours a day, our team of specialists is receiving and shipping produce from around the world.

As today's increasingly health conscious population looks for quick fixes and fad diets, the answers keep pointing to what my grandfather knew 80 years ago: simply eat fresh fruits and vegetables. As our market has grown and changed, we maintain that same commitment to getting the finest and freshest produce for our customers.

Today at Katzman we have an increased focus on food safety and traceability. Our organic business continues to grow and we source from local farmers whenever it is available. These are important industry trends and Katzman is committed to maintaining our leadership position. But, in the end, there's no substitute for that close relationship with the grower. We foster and maintain the same close ties with our grower/shippers that my father and grandfather appropriately fostered long before the trends of traceability were making front page news. As we have grown more international and more complex, our foundation is still built on our strong relationships with our growers/shippers and our customers."

Stephen Katzman